About LocJack

Quest Technology now offers a new patented technology for the securing of both data and voice using standard patch cables and keystone wall plates. This innovative technology requires nothing more than Quest's new patented locking keystone jack and proprietary security key.

The locking feature is built into each individual jack which provides a secure fastening of the patch cord from accidentally or intentionally being removed or inserted by unauthorized personnel. This keystone jack is designed with a high-density slim-style profile for use in all standard Keystone style wall plates and surface mount boxes, as well as for use in standard or high-density keystone patch panels, allowing up to 24 ports in a 1RU panel, or up to 48 ports in a 2U rack mountable panel. Each locking jack is designated by a highly visible orange or white insert located at the locking bar, as well as a lock icon molded onto the front of the jack.

The security key is dual purpose in that one side releases the security bar allowing a cable to be inserted, while the other side is designed to unlock the security bar while a patch cable is installed, releasing the locked cable. The best feature of all is that not only is this the easiest locking keystone jack solution on the market, but it is also the most cost-effective. Costing slightly more than a standard non-locking keystone jacks, these jacks function equally well with all standard molded, snagless, booted or assembled patch cords.

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